It’s been a while but I’m back. My son is safe at college, my alma mater where I am proud to say they are testing every student, supporting their needs, and creating a safe environment. My daughter is doing online schooling, which we would not have chosen under other circumstances but she is finding ways to supplement her experience including college classes and she is making a great experience for herself. My husband is teaching all of his college classes online, and though it is not preferred I feel it is safer for him and our family and so I am grateful he is able to what he does and adapt the medium to do it well and be there for his students. Many of whom need him and now more than every. I continue to work in local government to try and keep our community safe, up and running and represent the concerns as well as the needs of our citizens. Got to keep on keeping on!

Published by arabeljelliott

I am a Child and Family Counselor, a Social Work Field Instructor, a volunteer at a local 501 c 3 , an elected official in my home town, and I wear many other hats. My first love and greatest passions are my husband and 2 amazing children. #LoveRules

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