Where are we? Where to begin and Where to Go?

It has been so intense, unreal and yet at the same time painfully and brutally real these past few weeks. The 8 minute and 46 second video of George Floyd, a Black American choked to death by a White Police Officer with his knee in Floyd’s neck and several other Officers just watching as FloydContinue reading “Where are we? Where to begin and Where to Go?”

One Month into it and still going.

Both of my children completed their course of study online. My son finished his second year of college, my daughter is completing her second year of High School and has completed courses that she was dual enrolled in at a local college. Our family trip to Ireland this summer has been rescheduled to next year,Continue reading “One Month into it and still going.”

Where to begin ? Seeking the new future.

Four months ago I posted about a horrible atrocity that occurred in the Jewish Community, an attack on people worshiping in their homes. Now we are all confined to our homes. In the midst of a Pandemic, Covid-19. My son is home from College, and he and my daughter who is High School are bothContinue reading “Where to begin ? Seeking the new future.”

“To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself” —Anne Rice

OK now we are talking!  Please look at the last post that I made and the comment my good friend left. The words I share, when I write, I’m sharing my emotions. That sounds obvious and simplistic. Still, I was recently reminded of how vulnerable we are when we share words as my son beganContinue reading ““To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself” —Anne Rice”

Missing Your College Age Kid and Making That Work !

Do you miss your child who has gone away to College or grown up and moved out?  I still miss mine terribly, even after more than a year.  The message I get from people implies I shouldn’t though, they say “Aren’t you happy for him?” and “You must be so proud that he’s making itContinue reading “Missing Your College Age Kid and Making That Work !”

Same Blog New Look !

I have not posted in quite some time. Busy on Borough Council, busy supervising a Social Work Intern at a local non-profit community service organization.  Helping out with the local production of the Nutcracker.  My mother had AMAZING sewing skills, my mine totally pale in comparison, however I seem to fit some of the requirementsContinue reading “Same Blog New Look !”