So another month, another post. This is a pretty slow pace. Still, haven’t told anybody about the blog really. Haven’t advertised it with my friends. I’ll have to do that eventually. Most recently, literally within the last half hour, my 18 year old son left to do an overnight visit at one of the colleges he was accepted to. In that time I have spent 15 minutes on the phone confirming he’s ok and 15 minutes providing my 13 year old daughter with cookies and hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. Sophia is very excited about Sam going to college :-)

So this is the next post but it’s been a few months and I still haven’t told anyone about the blog. Um, well I’ve been pretty busy. I got elected to Borough Council, I got hired by the School District to Coordinate the National History Day Program for our High School. Oh, and we purchased a cabin in Sullivan County. There really has been a lot going on. So, I’ll post some pictures and then maybe get to the business of telling everyone about the Blog :)