When I was a young girl my mother had a restaurant for many years. I remember learning so many things there.

Like if you chop your finger off then you should put it in ice water and take it to the ER so it can be reattached. (That did happen to my Mom). I also sat atop a large wooden stool, and she would hand me leftover pie dough. Then she instructed me on how to create an apple turnover. It was awesome! She talked to me just like any other staff member in her kitchen, I got to eat everything I made. When I worked chopping vegetables or grating cheese I earned money and I could do whatever I wanted with it, including buying soda and sugar gum which she refused to buy me. She reasoned that it was my money and I had earned the right. The memories I have or working beside her in her kitchen are some of the happiest of my life. There were few 3rd graders who could wield an 8 inch kitchen blade the way I could, and I was proud of my skills. When questioned about her choice to allow me to do it she would reply, ” I taught her how to properly use it, and she probably knows how to do it better than you.” Baking apple turnovers this week with my daughter reminds me of my Mom and I feel like I’m sharing her in the best way possible with my daughter.

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