Heading into the Thanksgiving Holiday there is a lot that I am thankful for.

IMG_6631My husband, Labor and Constitutional Historian, has explained to me that the holiday has origins completely different from it’s current form and celebration. It makes me wonder how many other holidays are like that? Holidays that were created to distract or divert people rather than honor a particular event to be proud of. Still, I use it as a time to be thankful. I try to do that throughout the year, but setting aside a particular day for it is good. Thankful for my family, especially thankful for them this year. With Sam away at College, and Sophie entering High School, family looks different and feels different now. Maybe with less physical proximity it intensifies the importance, like a fine wine that is stored and the tastes get stronger and more powerful the longer you don’t have it. Thankful for my one true love, my husband. Nothing that really matters to me would be possible without him.

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