Protect them from what ?

This week I opened a bank account with my daughter.  We got her a checking account with a card.  We signed a dozen documents, her and I.  50 years ago that would not have been possible.  In 1970 a woman needed a man’s signature, husband or father, to legally get a credit card.  We also saw the movie about Justice Ginsburg, “On the Basis of Sex”.  This movie highlighted what life was like under these laws that existed in my lifetime, for my mother, not so long ago.

Me: “The 1000’s of laws that existed that discriminated against women based on their sex were supposedly to protect them.”

Sophie: “Protect them from what?”

Me: “How did it feel to open up that bank account, to get that card?”

Sophie: “Like an adult . . .  I had control . . .  power.”

Me: “Laws supposedly to protect women portrayed women as weaker, in need of protection.  If women were weaker and men stronger, who would continue to hold that power and who would be denied that power?”

Sophie: ” I get it.”

Yes my love, you’ve got it now, and don’t you ever give it up!


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