Tooooo Long . . . I blame Track Season !

It’s been too long since I posted anything, but then since this is a blog that’s focused on parenting and family that can be explained but the acting that I was parenting and focused on my family 🙂 I have been the main supporter of my daughter’s HS Track and Field Booster Club and navigating the transition into an adult relationship with my son in his first year of college (also involved in Track) so this time of year (Track Season) is CRAZED!  Both my children are doing well in their respective sports/events, but it’s more than that.  They have found people, purpose and belong with Running and Track.  As a parent and a child and family counselor I know that any coach/teacher or person directing an activity for young people has an amazing opportunity, and I have seen it either squandered or in some cases really f’ed up.  I am SUPER grateful that my kids have mentors and team mates that focus on what’s important and support each other.  When organized sports for youth are that way across the board it does have the power to change the world, only slight hyperbole 😉

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