Fitting in and Belonging


Somewhere along the line people have confused the idea of fitting in with belonging.  What bulls..t!  Everyone belongs, they need to.  If someone feels like they don’t belong, it’s our job to make them feel that way.  That is how I have always tried to live my life and I have tried to instill that in my children. If someone is being hurt or shut out in any way; emotionally, physically, verbally, then we are all vulnerable to that kind of treatment.  I’m not Ghandi or Mother Teresa, it’s logic and self preservation, we are here together and we need each other to exist it’s just fact.  Feeling like you fit in and belong in a supremely messed up world, where people in power are trying to segregate and hate anyone who is an “other, is not a sign of good mental or emotional health.  Take it from a mental health specialist, seriously that’s free, no charge this time.

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