Family Fire Swamp Survival Strategy

Family challenges, struggles and coping. The phrase we use around our house these days is a quote from one of our favorite movies the Princess Bride. After Wesley and Buttercup escape the three greatest dangers of the fire swamp: spurts, lighting sand and the R.O.U.S. (Rodents of Unusual Size, you have to see these), they emerge only to be confronted by evil Prince Humperdinck and his henchman Count Rugen. Humperdinck pressures Wesley to surrender and Wesley counters that they will simply return to the fire swamp since after all, “We know the secrets of the fire swamp. We lived there quite happily for some time.” Our family has met some of our greatest challenges together over the past 3 months, isolation and quarantine among them, and we are thankfully doing well. We know we can be tested and emerge stronger, smarter. As our Vice President Kamala Harris has said, “Our unity is our strength and diversity is our power.” I am grateful to different friends and extended family from near and far who continue to support us. And I am grateful that my immediate family remain healthy and united. FYI you really should watch the Princess Bride tonight, great movie !

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