As I begin to see hope with more American’s receiving Vaccines against Covid-19, and the possibility that we can come out of this Pandemic and begin to live our lives again, it would be stupid blindness to ignore an equally pressing public health crisis staring our Nation in the face.


  • There have been 147 mass shootings this year (2021) , according to the Gun Violence Archive, which defines a mass shooting as when four or more people have been shot or killed, not including the shooter.
  • The U.S. was wracked by a record high 610 mass shootings in 2020, the most of any year since the organization (Gun Violence Archive) began tracking the number in 2014. 


Universal Background checks, requiring stolen and missing firearms to be reported within 72 hours, and allowing for extreme risk protection orders to temporarily remove guns from those who want to harm themselves DOES NOT IMPINGE ON ANYONE’S RIGHT TO LEGALLY AND SAFELY OWN A GUN !

What it will do is begin to check the uncontrolled public health crisis going on in this country, and it will potentially make my daughter less fearful to step into her school building. It is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE that it should be necessary the first day children return to school to begin with a lockdown drill. We owe them and ourselves a better world.


  • Senate Bill 90 – Extreme Risk Protection Orders
  • Senate Bill 88 – Universal Background Checks for Firearms
  • Senate Bill 254 – Assault Weapons Ban

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