My husband has told me some dumb stuff over the 26 years that we have been married. But . . .

Mostly he has shared incredibly insightful and productive knowledge that has helped guide and shape the way I see myself, the world I’m in, others who share that world with me and how to operate in that world. I picked him out of thousands, that was my smart move. Also, my profession has helped me examine and moderate all that I say and do. Interestingly there is one key overlap between what my husband and my profession has taught me. Ask a simple question, is what you say or do really for others or are you saying and doing it for yourself? Do you offer kind words to ease your own guilt or sadness, or to address the feeling of someone else who experiences sadness and guilt. Do you offer knowledge to productively move a conversation or a situation forward, or are you trying to show people how much you know and how smart you are? It’s not complicated really, just take your ego out of the equation. Not complicated yet incredibly difficult. As a parent it can be a revelation in your relationship with your child.

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