I tried to find an appropriate quote but I failed, so it’s just moments when you know that you might have done something right.


Your eldest child contacts you to report on a success they have had, their first words reflect that they were inspired by the success that your youngest child had recently had. Literally, he used the word inspired. He was inspired by his younger sister. He was inspired by her, I was humbled by him. I called him the day before to report on his sister’s success, he was supportive at the time and didn’t need to mention that he would be competing the following day. Only after his competition did he contact us to report on his success, and his graciousness extended to include further support of his sister. Seriously, I hit some kind of freaking jackpot when it comes to my children. Congrats to Samuel Elliott Arnold,1st place in his age group and 6th place overall in the BUSA Bushwhack Trail Run. And more importantly, just a really nice person.

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