I was pregnant with my son, 19 years ago, and I woke up in a panic. Nearly screaming out in the night and grabbing my husband.


Martin Niemueller was a Pastor in Germany who was initially a Nazi supporter.  He was later imprisoned and died fighting to oppose the Nazi regime.

“What is it?” he asked confused. I stammered, “There are people who hate him (we knew at this point that it was a boy), even before he is born they hate him just because he’s Jewish.” The sense of helplessness, the fear, what would I do or what could I do to protect him? Hate will always be there, people will find a way to use someone who is an “other” to pin their anger and fear on. I can’t stop them from hating my family, my son and daughter. I can’t control their fear and hatred. I can control myself, and I will never let them use that fear and hate against me, the people I love or others. What happened in Pittsburgh this weekend is the embodiment of that nightmare I had 19 years ago. It is made possible in large part by the raging, unchecked ethos of hatred perpetrated by our current GOP Administration. I beg those who have the power, vote on November 6th to restore an order where there is some accountability and check on this kind of untamed violence and disregard for human dignity and life.

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