OMG! I never even said anything but Sam returned home from college and it’s been GREAT!

Sam came back for the Holidays, as you can see in the picture from “Amazing Holidays” post.  He survived the first semester, got some great evaluations and then waiting for some others still.  He said the best part was finding people and making friends.  Super cool having him home.  He is training with Andy and they will do a half marathon in NYC in a week and then Sam will take the bus back to school.  No wait! I mean ok, but . .  Dang it!  Happy he is returning and doing well, but will of course miss him.  I swear we have not laughed as hard, he just makes us all laugh so hard.  He’s super pumped to get back to school, got a class with one of the professors he really wants to work with.  GO SAM GO!

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