Happy 2019 to everyone! New Year, New Look, New Appreciation!


I’ve been doing this blog over a year and it is a real learning experience.   For the first time I looked at other blogs, I mean really looked.  Especially at ones that are like mine.  About family, about life, about fun.  Trying to be a good person and do cool stuff.  HELLOOOOO!  One, there are a lot of people doing cool stuff out there, and kudos to you, rock on! Two, I am impressed but not really shocked by the number of people who start blogs about being a parent and life and whatnot and there are 1 or 2 posts, then nada.  It is  HARD! No time!  But it’s for me, and maybe some other parent who needs it, wants it, gets it or any combination of that.  Alright parent people, and all the villagers who support your parent people, let’s do this.  New Year and I’m here for life, family and fun.

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