What is this blog about? Open your eyes and see ;-)


After doing it for over a year I’m still not entirely certain, and from what I’ve read that’s not the usual way to go about things.  But I hate following rules and I’m not usual.  I don’t want to rant, judge, preach or preen.  As silly as it sounds I just want to share, laugh, maybe connect.  That being said the latest share is a laugh.  My college age son, when asked, reflected on something that I had done for him when he was in High School.  He said it was very helpful at the time.  HELLLOOOO !  Need the 411 FYI !  Feel free to tell me when I actually did something right as a parent. My son, “What?” Me, “Parenting is like driving a semi down the interstate blindfolded.  I’m going on instinct and trying not to hit an old lady or a bus.  I don’t know I’ve done it right, until I take off the blindfold and I’m not in jail or the hospital.”


3 thoughts on “What is this blog about? Open your eyes and see ;-)

  1. You must be doing something right (with the blogging as well as with being a parent) because you got a good laugh from me over that one!


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