New voters are women, and my daughter is one !

70 % of new voters in Kansas are are women, other states are reporting similar numbers, 60% of new voters in Pennsylvania are women and my daughter is one of them, YES! And can I say just wow, wow. The month of August has been a roller coaster ride. I took my youngest, my daughter, to college and she is soaring, separating. Each day I feel a little less lost, learning to be a new kind of parent to grown children. Navigating a new job after doing one for 20 years, talk about retraining. But she’s really making her mark and I know that she and other young voters, young men and women will come on strong, will vote out politicians that would abolish the rights of citizens based on their reproductive capacity, and vote in politicians that will protect all citizens equally. #noforcedbirth #voteprochoice

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