This Family Voted Blue!

Pennsylvania is a landlocked state but we had our own little blue wave this voting cycle and I can honestly say I am so proud as a parent that my young son, and for the first time my daughter, were part of that. There is no feeling to compare with seeing your children vote, knowing they are exercising their voices and their rights. My son and daughter voted to say keep your f…ing laws off my body, and student debt should not cripple people financially for the rest of their lives. They helped flip an important Senate seat, elect an honest Governor that will fight for and unite PA, and it looks like flip a state House that has been under control of dangerous GOP election deniers and right wing ideologues. Not the blue wave that was hoped force, but a blue wall that held and the fallacy of a red wave that never materialized despite pathetic hype to try and make it so. I’ll take it, and it gives me hope for a better future.

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