Young People Vote-Voices for Health and Healing

The youth vote in this midterm election had a profound impact, going a long way to rejecting negative, power hungry GOP politicians focused on a divisive, hateful message. It made me think hard, about the issues that the two young adults in my family (18 yo & 23 yo) are most focused on and what they have faced. Some of the most formative experiences in their lives happened during a completely isolating, terrifying global pandemic. Research is not complete, but it is sadly not surprising that one review published in February of 2022 looking at over 150 studies, shows increases in Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation as well as other issues for people under 25yo comparing pre and post pandemic levels Youth Mental Health and Well Being Study Pre and Post Covid Pandemic . Young voters found voice, and voted for themselves as well as others. The message being compassion not condemnation, healing not hatred, sustainability not stagnation. It’s past time to listen to that voice and find it in ourselves.

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