Living Life Online and Offline

Been a few months since I posted on this blog and on my other website. I have been on some social media, but that slowed down as well. It feels good actually, and I think I will make a habit of it, just maybe not 2 months at a time. Not surprisingly there’s research to back up the notion that a regular break from social media promotes better emotional and mental health, “Taking a One-Week Break from Social Media Improves Well-Being, Depression, and Anxiety: A Randomized Controlled Trial“. And while social media can be an excellent means for creating and maintaining community, excessive use of it can be harmful for those who are already prone to depression and anxiety. See “Social Media Use and Mental Health: A Global Analysis” Make no mistake about it, I am a strong supporter of what the online community can be, when used with thought, care and caution. I have a job, stay in touch regularly with family and friends, and had positive, life changing experiences all through the use of online communities and media. Still, stepping back from it, for short or scheduled breaks feels good. Even the act of making sure I am offline for 30minutes prior to going to sleep (including no television or streaming) has lead to more restful and better sleep for me. Less online living has lead to some quality offline living.

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