National Honors Music Society Performance

Super Proud of Sophie last night, her dance solo for her induction to the National Honors Music Society was fantastic ! Super special with Sam home from college to watch her be inducted into the program that he is also a member of.  Love this group and their performances the most, it’s totally student runContinue reading “National Honors Music Society Performance”

Tooooo Long . . . I blame Track Season !

It’s been too long since I posted anything, but then since this is a blog that’s focused on parenting and family that can be explained but the acting that I was parenting and focused on my family 🙂 I have been the main supporter of my daughter’s HS Track and Field Booster Club and navigatingContinue reading “Tooooo Long . . . I blame Track Season !”

International Women’s Day #BalanceforBetter

Happy International Women’s Day and here’s to hopes for greater gender balance in our world.  I know I will be working within my own family, my community, and in every way I can to promote and expect a gender balance economically, socially, culturally and in all ways. I will keep those expectations high and takeContinue reading “International Women’s Day #BalanceforBetter”

Sign the Petition Below please.

I try to keep this blog not so political.  But the political is surely personal now.  Please sign the Petition I started with at the link below, and share it. I believe families and people in Real Emergencies need help, have been promised help, and as a Nation we can do better.