Grateful-Emotional Holiday Season

Solanum dulcamara-Bittersweet Flower

I am grateful and emotional this holiday season. Both our children are home and it’s wonderful, but a little sad. My son graduated college in May and recently began his first job, he landed a solid position just 4 months out. My daughter completed her first semester at college, she’s doing great and loving it. I realize these times when we are all together will be fewer and further between, they are supposed to be. I hope their lives become so full with their own family, friends, work and more that we are a fundamental yet smaller part of it all. I hope they will always want to spend time with us, but never out of obligation. The time when we were the biggest part of their lives, that was a huge love, and the sadness comes when I am reminded that time is over. The greater feelings of gratitude and joy come from being with them again, remembering how it all feels, and knowing that they will go out into the world with that big love inside them.

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